Tel Aviv & Jerusalem mountains

Walkaboutlove -Tel Aviv & Jerusalem mountains section of the Israel National Trail 🌲💦 

 It’s a 5-day, 5-night trip from 24-28.10!

What if you could discover the hidden beauty of the area where Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are located with a group of amazing people?

Walking five days, and sleeping five nights along the Israel Trail – Tel Aviv & JerusalemSection length: 101.5 km

The meeting point is Poleg beach on Sunday, 24.10 at 9:00 am.

Description of the section

Sunday 24.10
👣 Route: Poleg beach, Ha sharon Nature reserve, Gaash beach, appolonia national park, Marina herzliya, Ha Tzuk beach Tel- Aviv.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.6  KM.
💦 swimming spots:mediterranean sea
🏕️ Night camp: Ha Tzuk beach.

Monday 25.10
👣 Route: Ha Yarkon river, Ha Yarkon Park, Abu Rabah ancient flour mill.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.6  KM.
💦 swimming spots:mediterranean sea
🏕️ Night camp: Abu Rabah.

Tuesday 26.10
👣 Route: Ha Yarkon river, Ha Yarkon nationl Park, Ha Nofarim pool, Tel Afek national park.
🚶🏻 Length: 17.9 KM.
🏕️ Night camp : Kule forest

Wednesday 27.10
👣 Route: Kule fortress,Tinshemet ruins, shoham forest, Ben shemen forest, Tel Gimzo.
🚶🏻 Length: 19.4 KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Tel- Gizmo.

Thursday 28.10
👣 Route: information updates soon
🚶🏻 Length: 19  KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Neve Shalom Peace valley.

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Tel Aviv & Jerusalem mountains