In a long-distance hike, it is most important to eat foods that are simple, healthy, and nutritious. Our menu was designed with the help of a dietitian.

The Hike involves eating fresh food three times a day:

– Early morning ( at the camp)
– Lunch (that we take with us on the route)
– Dinner ( at the camp)

Suitable for also for Kashruth observes

We welcome you to a healthy lifestyle, a chance to declutter your mind and body of foods that harm you

Get ready to cook up a tasty meal with our field kitchen full of equipment!

There are three meals:


What's for breakfast:

Healthy and popular worldwide, oats are an excellent snack!

Also available is fresh yogurt with a mix of dry fruits, granola, and nuts, instead of oats.

Scrambled eggs are also available.


What’s for Lunch:

Various spreads, bread, eggs, Personal tuna cane, tahini, etc. 

 A variety of fruits and vegetables.



What’s for dinner:

Beans, lentils, lentils, peas, hummus, and other legumes are rich in protein (we soak them in advance).

The meal we are going to cook will contain legumes and vegetables.

A variety of salads, pastas, rice, etc.


A big hot water kettle will welcome you at sunrise and sunset next to the bonfire.


You will find a box with tea, coffee, cocoa, herbs, 100% milk powder, sugar, and sweetener next to the kettle.

 Be sure to bring along food containers, since you will be eating from them during the hike.