Arava Desert

Walkaboutlove -Arava desert Section of the Israel National Trail🐪🦅

 It’s a 5-day, 5-night trip from 21-25.11!

Discover all the beauty of the Arava desert with an amazing group of people from Israel and around the world

Walking five days, and sleeping five nights along the Israel Trail – the Arava desert
Section length: 116.1 km
The meeting point is Mitzpe Ramon ( Desert town)   on Sunday, 21.11 at 9:00 am.

Description of the section

Sunday 21.11
👣 Route: Mitzpe Ramon, Ramon crater, Ammonites wall, Gvanim stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 22.73 KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Gvanim stream.

Monday 22.11
👣 Route: Mount Saharonim, Nahal Nekarot, Nahal Hararim, Nahal Maok.
🚶🏻 Length: 18.36KM.
💦 swimming spots: Ein Geled, Gev Ha Meara.
🏕️ Night camp:Gev Holit

Tuesday 23.11
👣 Route: Nahal Nekarot, Dry waterfall Yahav, Tzvira stream, Sapir lake- Desert oasis.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.82 KM.
💦 swimming spots: Gev Ashboren, Sapir lake.
🏕️ Night camp: Sapir lake.

Wednesday 24.11
👣 Route: information updates soon
🚶🏻 Length: 30  KM.
💦 swimming spots: information updates soon.
🏕️ Night camp: Barak stream.

Thursday 25.11
👣 Route: Tzin valley, Maale Sharav, Hava stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 24.8  KM.
💦 swimming spots Ein Akev, Ein Shaviv.
🏕️ Night camp: Nahal Hava.

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Arava Desert