Craters & the Negev Mountains

Walkaboutlove -Craters & the Negev Mountains Section of the Israel National Trail 🐪🦅

 It’s a 5-day, 5-night trip from 20-24.3!

Those who enjoy challenging hikes will love this trip! If you’ve heard about the craters, you know what we mean, a great group of people from all over the world and Israel will join us for this hiking trip.

Walking five days, and sleeping five nights along the Israel Trail – the Craters & the Negev Mountains
Section length: 111.1 km
The meeting point is Desert town, Mitzpe Ramon, on Sunday, 20.3 at 9:00 am.

Description of the section

Sunday 20.3.2022
👣 Route: Mitzpe Ramon, View point of the crater, Hava water pools, Hava stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 26.79  KM.
💦 swimming spots Hava pools.
🏕️ Night camp: Hava stream.

Monday 21.3.2022
👣 Route: Hava stream ,Maale Sharav, Tzin valley.
🚶🏻 Length: 24.8  KM.
💦 swimming spots: Ein Shaviv, Ein Akev,.
🏕️ Night camp: Serpentine

Tuesday 22.3.2022
👣 Route: Akev stream, Hod Akev, Tzin stream, Mador stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 23.61  KM.
💦 swimming spots Ein Akev pools.
🏕️ Night camp : Mador stream.

Wednesday 23.3.2022
👣 Route: Nahal Mador,  Nahal Afran, Mitzpor Hatira, Shahor wadi.
🚶🏻 Length: 18.19  KM.
💦 swimming spots: Afran spring.
🏕️ Night camp : Oron.

Thursday 24.3.2022
👣 Route: Big crater, Ein Yorkeam, Nahal Hatira, Maale Palmah , Maale Yamin, Sidkei Yamin, Matzad Tzafir antiquities.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.2  KM.
💦 swimming spots: Ein Yorkeam pools.
🏕️ Night camp : Mitzpe ha makhtesh.

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Craters & the Negev Mountains