Eilat mountains

Walkaboutlove -Eilat mountains Section of the Israel National Trail 🐪🦅🕎🍩

 It’s a 5-day, 5-night trip from 6-10.3!

There are some places where only human feet can cross, such as in the mountains of Eilat.
You will hike with an incredible group of people from Israel and around the world.

Walking five days, and sleeping five nights along the Israel Trail – the Eilat mountains
Section length: 91.1 km
The meeting point is Field school Eilat on Sunday, 6.3 at 9:00 am.

Description of the section

Sunday 6.3.2022
👣 Route: Eilat,  Mount Tzfahot view point of 4 countries, the Bulbs, Tzfahot stream, Gishron stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 13.26 KM.
💦 swimming spots: Red sea Eilat
🏕️ Night camp: Mount Yehoram.

Monday 7.3.2022
👣 Route: Mount Yehoram, Netafim stream, The hidden lake ‘ Hagai Ha Avud” ,  Roded stream, Shhoret stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 12.2 KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Shhoret canyon.

Tuesday 8.3.2022
👣 Route:  Shhoret stream,  Maale Amram, Rehem ledders, Rehem stream.
🚶🏻 Length: 19.27 KM.
💦 swimming spots: Gevei Rehem.
🏕️ Night camp: Namra.

Wednesday 9.3.2022
👣 Route: Mount Timna,  National Park Timna, Matak stream, Timna stream, The big sand dune, Maale Milhan, Sasgon stream, Beer Milhan.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.82 KM.
💦 swimming spots: Timna lake
🏕️ Night camp :Maale Milhan.

Thursday 10.3.2022
👣 Route: Beer Milhan, Esron stream, Shaharut.
🚶🏻 Length: 18.03 KM.
💦 swimming spots:Gevei Esron.
🏕️ Night camp: Shaharut.

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Eilat mountains