Entire hike of Israel National Trail

Have you ever dreamed of walking the Israel Trail?

Did the heavy weight make you hesitate?

Preparations taking too long?

We would like you to imagine how it will be

When the sun rises, the scent of coffee fills  the air

The goal is to sleep comfortably and to get your body ready to walk again.

The joy of having someone else split the kilometers for  you,

Walking will allow you to explore nature on a maximum scale while moving forward

Relieved that we don’t have to carry a heavy load for 1,100 km

Expectations of seeing the stunning landscapes that everyone talks about

You can be confident that at the end of each route, someone is checking if you have actually arrived

Taking a shower after a day of hiking on the trail is an unusual pleasure

During the evening hike, all hikers gather

Cooking together, preparing the fire, and exchanging stories

But also give yourself time to yourself.

It is well known to hikers that the true reason for going on a hike is to discover 

An opportunity to get to know yourself, to discover your strengths

Let’s stop imagining and start doing

We are starting on 6/3/2022

Joining walkaboutlove

Will give you the opportunity to walk the Israel Trail

How do you prefer to spend your time

Would you like to do different sections or the whole trail?

You can either do the entire trail at once or choose a walk pass

We are here to help you realize your dreams.

A 54-day Israel Trail walking ticket is priced above but does not include the seven Saturdays along the way. 

We make Saturdays free as a gift to those participants who hike the entire trail and do not charge money for them. We have found from our past experience that a lot of walkers return home on Saturdays or stay overnight in the area.

$2,761 $3,023


Entire hike of Israel National Trail