Lower Galilee

Walkaboutlove – Lower Galilee section of the Israel National Trail 🌲💦

 It’s a 5-day, 5-night trip from 24-28.4!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk through the green landscapes of the Lower Galilee, cooling yourself in cool springs as you go with an amazing group of people without worrying about anything?

Walking five days, and sleeping five nights along the Israel Trail in the Lower Galilee.

Section length: 82.2 km

The meeting point is the Kfar Hasidim on Sunday, 24.4 at 9:00 am.

Description of the section

Sunday 24.4.2022
👣 Route: kfar Hasidim, ancient flour mill, Nahal Tavor, Nahal Tzipori, Alon Ha Gallil forest.
🚶🏻 Length: 20.4  KM.
💦 swimming spots :   Ha Nezirim spring, Ein Ivka.
🏕️ Night camp: Alon Hagalil.

Monday 25.4.2022
👣 Route:  Alon Hagalil,  Ha Solelim forest, Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi grave, Shvil Ha zeitim, Nazareth church,  Mashhad,  Mount Dvora.
🚶🏻 Length: 21.4  KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Mount Dvora.

Tuesday 26.4.2022
👣 Route: ,Mount Dvora,  Ha pisga route, Mount Tavor.
🚶🏻 Length: 17 KM.
🏕️ Night camp: Nahal Tavor .

Wednesday 27.4.2022
👣 Route:  Nahal Tavor, Maale Elot,  Tel Rechesh.
🚶🏻 Length: 16.1  KM.
💦 swimming spots: Ein Ulam, Ein Rechesh, Ein Sani.
🏕️ Night camp: Sani spring.

Thursday 28.4.2022
👣 Route: Yavniel wadi, Yardenit,   Maale Kinorot, Tel Mitzpor Yehiel.
🚶🏻 Length: 17.7  KM.
💦 swimming spots:  Ein Sani, Ein Yaala, Yardenit.
🏕️ Night camp: Switzerland forest

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Lower Galilee