Walk Pass

What are the benefits of a walk pass?

Have you always wanted to walk along the Israel Trail, but lacked the time to make it happen?

Seeing such as this can frustrate you

Walk pass is the perfect solution for you

We will explain Walk Pass to you shortly if you haven’t heard of it

However, we have a question first: have you ever thought about why you should purchase a gym membership?

The truth is, we all know the phenomenon where we want something, but at the end of the day we don’t have the power to achieve our goal

Subscriptions increase our chances of going to the gym!

The walk pass works exactly like this

The alarm clock will remind you to take breaks every four years

He will encourage you to get up within the year time and complete  sections

Until the trail is successfully completed in its entirety.

We have been leading people on the Israel Trail for 11 years now

When we hike on the trail, we also encounter people who are dreaming  to hike the trail to do that, but on the other hand are also afraid

On the other hand, they are unable to just stop everything and go out for a hike

So we looked for a way to help them and you make your dream come true

We realized that not everyone has the option to take a two-and-a-half month vacation

We knew that even people who decided to split the trail and follow it every time had a bit of a hard time

And many give up and do not finish the trail, causing them unnecessary grief.

That’s why we created the 4 year Walk pass subscription that will encourage you to get up and hike the trail

We divided the trail into five-day sections for 9 sections.

Life is complex, which sometimes causes us to get dreams into a drawer,

And here we give you an advantage by limiting the use of Walk pass to 4 years

In the end, you will feel that you did not give up on this amazing dream when you finish hiking the Israel trail

$2,892 $3,077


Walk Pass