Make a dream come true
Walk along the Israeli National Trail and Golan Trail

Let's plan your autumn or spring hike together
With such a small country as Israel, there are so many different landscapes, The green forests, the beautiful beaches, and the splendor of the desert are all highlights of this stunning Trail.

Get ready for an amazing adventure starting May 19th as we kick off the Golan Trail hike! Whether you’re from Israel or anywhere else in the world, join us for an unforgettable hiking experience through the ancient landscapes of Israel.

 it’s time to stand with Israel and hike the land!
Secure your spot by registration for all the details and sign-up contact us on WhatsApp +972 549144660.
Get ready for a fantastic time on the Golan Trail!

@Walkaboutlove has been a duly registered association since 2008.

It's time for your next adventure
Up to 21-year-olds get a 10% discount coupon
For the coupon number, please contact Whatsapp +972 549144660

Let us handle your logistics

- Comfortable mattresses
- Solar-powered hot showers
- Green toilets
-Phone charging station
- Field kitchen
- Personal gear is transported from camp to camp - A bonfire area with mats
- Washing machine on weekends

Tools that make self-guiding easier

- With the dedicated app, you can navigate independently - Every evening we gather at the night camp
- Walking at your own pace

Reconnect with nature

- With solar energy, we do not need a generator to power our electrical system. .

Safety net to hike the trail

- Sleeping surrounded by nature with organic group
- On the field, we have our camp crew for you
- We are on standby to assist you in case of emergencies during your route

Meet hikers who are like-minded

Organic and intimate group of up to 50 participants

The group is made up of people of all ages
from 18 to 75
Partner hikers from Israel and around the world bonfires at nights and parties on weekends

Get in touch with us for a consultation to determine if this trail is right for you

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