Camping notes - important information


A clean environment
Since the bonfore is a shared area, we ask that you do not leave personal items around it

Dishes belonging to you

Empty bottles

Toilet paper

Lighters and cigarettes


We ask you not to smoke around the fire

2.Bathroom & Shower

A clean environment
While using the bathroom or toilet, please keep them clean in order to make yourself and those after you feel comfortable You can find cleaning tools in the toilets and showers, such as

Hand gloves

Disinfectant wipes

Having a private space

If you are traveling with others, it is very important to give personal space and keep away from the toilet and shower trailers.

3.Charging Station

Mark your charger
To avoid confusion, we highly recommend marking and writing your name on your charger You can find cleaning tools in the toilets and showers, such as

Alarms and calls

If your phone is in the common charging station, please turn off the alarms and put it on silent mode so that you won't wake up your fellow walkers.

It is important that you bring a charger that is suitable for car charging

4.Taps & sink

Washing dishes in the sink
Whenever you have leftover food, please place it in the can, wash it in the washing pots, and then to be extra sure, wash it under the tap. This is a method to save water especially in the desert

Dish drying shelf

When your dishes have dried (30 minutes), place them in your bag to prevent load and loss

5. Kitchen

Kitchen gear
Be sure to close the boxes' lids

A clean environment
IAfter using the kitchen table and dishes, make sure to wash them, including pots, cutting boards, spoons, knives.

Personal food storage3
Refrigerated food should not be used for personal food

We ask you not to smoke around the kitchen

10. Music & Contents

Weekly music playlist
Music is our passion! We decided to make weekly playlists, where you can be a DJ for one night, to make sure the vibe in the camp is to everybody's liking. You can send our team your favorite artist playlist that fits the Dayli music style. Music will play from the moment you arrive at camp until dinner.

In the morning there will be chill music from our playlist

Rock music

Reggae music

Artist tribute evening

Pop music

Funk, Disco, Electronic

World music

Yoga, dance, laughter workshops, and anything else you would like to share from your own world will be welcome

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