Seder night in the desert

ליל סדר במדבר

Seder night in the desert

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Are you used to celebrating Passover in the same place every year? Feel that you want diversity? We have a good offer for you – to celebrate Passover in the desert as if you came out of Egypt. How better way to celebrate this date than on the eve of Seder night in the desert. Join us on a journey on the Israel Trail and come celebrate Seder by returning to your roots.

On 22/04/16 we will celebrate Passover on Seder night in a desert encampment

The marchers will recite the Haggadah in an interesting way and cook the holiday meal

We take care of everything including hospitality, equipment and food.

All you have to do is just get there. You are welcome to stay with us not only for the eve of Seder in the desert but also for the entire week of the festival.

Why you should join not only the Passover holiday in the desert but also the journey on the Israel Trail:

We are an association responsible for organizing trips along the trail for tourists from Israel and the world.

Full logistics – We take care of equipment, accommodation and food. You can join us for the entire journey on the Israel Trail from south to north, or for a specific section of it. Leave the details on the website and we will get back to you with all the details.

Meet people from the country from the world – Do you like to meet new people not only from the country but also from the world? If so this is your chance. Tourists from all over the world join our journey on the Israel Trail. They come especially for this journey. Some arrive as part of Masa and do more activities along the way.

Angels of the Israel Trail or Walk About love

It is known that the most difficult parts of the journey on the Israel Trail are in the south. Also, unlike the north the water availability is very difficult. That is why many people turn to volunteers called the Angels of the Israel Trail. They store water for them. If you go out with us, you will not need this service because we fill a 1000 liter tank at sea every day.