Cancellation and Refund Policy: Only for refundable tickets

For the next 4 years, use the days you did not walk for any other hike

From the moment the ticket is bought until 45 days before the trip: 0% cancellation fee.

45 or less days before the trip: 25% cancellation fee.

30 or less days before and during the trip: 50% cancellation fee.

Refund for days on which the participant isn’t present will be calculated in percent without any reduction.

Cancellation by the participant for medical reasons before or during the trip will result in a full refund
(except credit card fees) for the days that weren’t used.

Cancellation by the organizer results in a full refund of the payment without any additional compensation.
Participants who cancel due to a lockdown due to Coronavirus will not be refunded. The hike will begin immediately after the lockdown, and tickets can be used for any section for two years.


I hereby confirm that my physical condition allows me to participate in the Walk About Love trip on Israel
National Trail.

I fully understand that each participant will walk between 15 and 27 km each day which
requires a good physical condition.

I hereby state that there are no health or other issues that may limit my
ability to participate in the trip. I also confirm that the participation is my own responsibility  and that Walk
About Love allows my participation only if this declaration is signed.

The organizers are not responsible for any damage, injury, illness, death, or loss that isn’t caused directly by
Walk About Love or one of its employees.